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Sardinia has a new currency | Tort system in the US | Asset allocation: the simpler the better? | Aging & inflation || Fondi pensione & previdenza integrativa


Rischio e rendimento in un mondo a tassi 0%: i mercati oggi semplicemente non sono prezzati per il rischio che offrono (nel mio italiano maccheronico puro, senza l’aiuto dei miei amici editori; che mi perdonino).

Beware What You Wish For

 — The virtues of quick and popular regulation —  In the aftermath of the 2007-2008 financial crisis there seemed to be no end to the search for a culprit, preferably a single easily-identifiable obvious one so that dealing with it would be swift and morally charging. The culprit was soon found more by popular demand ...

When I’m 64

When? In roughly three years, God willing. But then again, no one knows really what perils await me after that. Take for example the poor 83-year-old woman who was brutally killed by her 92-year-old husband (article in Italian here; roughly translated title: “Matera, 92-year-old kills wife with a bat”). If I were in his daughter’s ...

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