Beyond the Box: Readings & Letture

Carbon credits | China’s credit | Vegans | Market returns and retirement planning | Tracking planes

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Beyond the Box: Readings & Letture

American universities’ endowments | The Economist Educational Foundation | SpaceX | Food, GMOs, restaurant reviews e life inside a restaurant | Short term focus on Wall Street

Sul valore dell’immigrazione

Dov’e’ l’Europa unita?

  — Perche’ siamo dove siamo — Quando guardo ad analisi e a rapporti statistici mi meraviglio sempre della nostra propensione alla precisione: percentuali vengono mostrate con tre decimali, somme di milioni di qualunque divisa contabilizzate fino ai centesimi, e cosi via. Intendiamoci, per certi scopi – la fisica nucleare o i resoconti bancari – ...

In the Long Run the Short Term Wins

Reading this article in The Guardian is an eye opener. It addresses the sustainability of a carbon-driven world, but also makes far broader points that touch all our current manias and reformation drives – eating habits, healthcare, clothing, and living standards in general. An important question – “how do we get from here to there?” ...

When I’m 64

When? In roughly three years, God willing. But then again, no one knows really what perils await me after that. Take for example the poor 83-year-old woman who was brutally killed by her 92-year-old husband (article in Italian here; roughly translated title: “Matera, 92-year-old kills wife with a bat”). If I were in his daughter’s ...

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