American universities’ endowments | The Economist Educational Foundation | SpaceX | Food, GMOs, restaurant reviews e life inside a restaurant | Short term focus on Wall Street

Sul valore dell’immigrazione


On American Universities and their endowments: one of the silliest arguments I’ve ever seen in writing (and, as you all know, I’m not exactly in love with the practice of active management): NYT article.

The Economist Educational Foundation, a site worth remembering: web page.

On Elon Musk, SpaceX, history of space exploration, satellites and going to Mars; if you decide to read only ONE of the pieces in this post, this HAS to be it; you MUST  click on the videos and the “fun” footnotes; from a great blog (and thanks to Marcus for bringing it to my attention): post.

Food. My kind of restaurant review (thank you Umberto for passing along): Harper’s Magazine article. And my kind of inside view in the restaurant world (thank you Eugenio for sharing): Lucky Peach article. And for all of you who hate GMOs, here’s why (hint: it’s not scientific evidence): Scientific American article.

It is logical that companies need to invest for the long term; let’s get rid of quarterly reporting, please; Wachtell Lipton agrees: WSJ article.

Sul valore dell’immigrazione, un interessante notizia dal Sole24Ore: articolo. Per inciso, sappiamo che negli ultimi 20+ anni in America sono le nuove e piccole imprese che hanno creato nuovi posti di lavoro mentre in aggregato le grosse società hanno tagliato posti.