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Obbligazioni ad alto rendimento | Stimolo monetario


What really happens to carbon credits, how are they used, are they doing any good? This BBC news bit from 25th August 2015 is not encouraging, even though the method makes sense in economic terms: news.

History is not always the answer, but it can help understanding human phenomena; Ken Rogoff has done his homework. His book (co-authored with Reinhart) ‘This Time is Different’ should be read by all investors. From the NYT on China: article.

Could I leave you without a choice of readings on food and nutrition? No, of course; so here’s the take for this post: an excellent piece from the NYT on the intransigence of believers and passionate advocates of veganism: article.

It’s important to consider not only the average return in a portfolio but also the path the annual figures composing the average take. A reminder of this important detail in a WSJ article (pdf).

I’m sure most of you know about this already, but just in case here’s the coolest airplane-tracking web page I’ve ever seen: webpage. (They have a great app as well.)

Difficile far capire alla gente che se qualcosa sembra “troppo bello” per esser vero forse – dico forse – dovrebbe almeno pensarci su un momento. Splendido pezzo dall’insuperabile Beppe Scienza sulle obbligazioni ad “alto rendimento” in altre valute: il Fatto Quotidiano articolo.

Strafalcioni degli “esperti”; in inglese, traducendo, si dice spesso “con amici come questi, chi ha bisogno di nemici?”. Il Sole24Ore articolo.