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Investire piu’ intelligentemente


Hillary Clinton’s proposed capital tax changes have been tried before – and it wasn’t pretty; WSJ article (pdf).

Forecasters of complex adaptive systems (like any national economy) face the issue of measuring accurately initial conditions; here’s an example of how some people are approaching the problem: WSJ article (pdf). (Thank you Andreas for sending the article.)

How an 11-year old boy thought about his father’s return home after an 18-month stretch with the US Navy; Time Magazine article.

If you are tired of taking off your ear-plugs after watching Sharapova, or of submitting to the antics of the talented rude Kyrgios, or if you feel for the poor tennis balls being yelled out of the court by Serena Williams, there is always the class and skill of Roger Federer. They never told him that you can’t teach new tricks to an old dog (NYT article).

My favored toy manufacturer in this Economist article; brings back fond memories with my two sons.

Prodotti finanziari e psicologia; quant’è vero che bisogna imparare almeno le basi prima di investire; articolo in