Sardinia has a new currency | Tort system in the US | Asset allocation: the simpler the better? | Aging & inflation || Fondi pensione & previdenza integrativa


Sardinia – or should I say finance – at its best. The remarkable adventure of five young entrepreneurs in setting up a new currency where one was needed. FT article.

The New York Times often out-does itself in certain attempts to be commercial and have a memorable impact on the minds of its readers. This article would garner more appreciation if it brought up one of the real causes underlying arbitration clauses: the tort system is broke.

A basic review of asset allocation and diversification concepts, and a finding that complicated asset allocation models don’t contribute much more than simpler alternatives (and likely cost a fortune); AAII article.

Aging populations and workforces versus inflation: the link is not clear, but some very interesting patterns are emerging. See this article form the St. Louis Fed.

Fondi pensione e previdenza integrativa in Italia: un altro esempio disgustoso di come la gente spesso viene presa per i fondelli: articolo di Beppe Scienza.