I am neither a historian nor a political analyst, thus this brief comment is not about history or politics. It’s about investing and the meaning of ‘entrusting’ your money to anyone. For the record, I also have nothing against Argentina, Russia or anyone else in this world; I pick issues that I find useful in ...


We live in a world of misinformation. Every time I try to forget that, I am faced with some new tweet or declaration by Trump whose only leadership quality appears to be the domination of this art form. The ease with which false or misleading news and conspiracy theories are divulged is commonly attributed to ...

Know Where You Stand

It’s very important to know where you stand, particularly in terms of your investments. Most people don’t consider the issue nearly as seriously as they should and because of that they end up in real trouble. Take the case of investment returns. I am often asked to comment on a portfolio’s performance, usually after the ...

Fondi pensione: la ricetta giusta

Un lavoratore dipendente ha la possibilità di versare i contributi della previdenza complementare nel fondo chiuso di categoria oppure sceglierne uno qualsiasi tra quelli aperti disponibili sul mercato. Qual è la scelta migliore?

I costi nascosti delle assicurazioni

La scorsa settimana sono stato contattato da una compagnia assicurativa che voleva propormi un prodotto di investimento. A conti fatti si trattava di un mezzo furto.

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