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JEREMY PAXMAN - A Life in Questions2017-06-10

BLOOMBERG VIEW - Low Volatility and the Risks of Crowded Trades2017-05-05

MARK PERRY - Some thoughts, facts, and charts for Tax Day: Bring us back to 19132017-04-22

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FED OF NEW YORK - Is Chinese Growth Overstated?2017-04-19

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THE CENTURY FOUNDATION - Graph: How the Financial Sector Consumed America’s Economic Growth2017-04-17

FINANCIAL TIMES - City fund manager calls for investigation of performance figures2017-04-17

CFA INSTITUTE - MiFID II: What’s Wrong with It?2017-04-11

JOHN MAULDIN - Stock Market Valuations and Hamburgers2017-04-10

RICHARD FLANAGAN - The Narrow Road to the Deep North2017-04-09

THE GUARDIAN - Le Cinq, Paris: restaurant review2017-04-09

NASSIM TALEB - Why Each One Should Eat His Own Turtles: Equality in Uncertainty2017-04-01

BROOKINGS PAPERS - Rising morbidity and mortality in midlife among white non-Hispanic Americans in the 21st century2017-03-25

MCKINSEY & COMPANY - Using fintech to democratize financial services2017-03-07

ADVISOR PERSPECTIVES - A New Look at NYSE Margin Debt and the Market2017-03-07

CFA INSTITUTE - The Golden Age of Hedge Funds2017-03-06

JOHN HUSSMAN - The Most Broadly Overvalued Moment in Market History2017-03-06


LAVOCE.INFO - Kenneth Arrow, il rivoluzionario della teoria2017-03-03

CFA INSTITUTE - Shortcuts to Factor Investing 1012017-03-02

ROBERTO FRIGO - I'm no longer a New Yorker2017-03-01

FINANCIAL TIMES - Filings shed light on the secrets of ‘super investors’2017-02-28

WEALTHADVISER - Vanguard calls for fees ‘health warning’ on funds2017-02-27

SANTA FE INSTITUTE - Economist Kenneth Arrow passes away at 952017-02-24

STUDIO - La vendetta autolesionista come esperimento sociale2017-02-24

THE NEW YORK TIMES - The 21 Questions You’re Going to Need to Ask About Investment Fees2017-02-14

ANTHONY SALIBA - Managing Expectations2017-02-13

RICHARD FERRI - The ETF Book2017-02-13

FINANCIAL TIMES - The data visualisation legacy of Hans Rosling2017-02-12