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For all you lovers of cryptocurrencies: THE NEW YORK TIMES - Bitcoin’s Price Was Artificially Inflated, Fueling Skyrocketing Value, Researchers Say2018-06-19

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AXIOS on the Robot Revolution2018-06-03

Three easy pieces - on children, on recommendations, and on the destruction of a country (this is not easy).2018-06-03

This explains a lot: QUARTZ - What the 4% of Americans who believe in lizard people can teach us about conspiracy theories2018-05-25

Very true: we must not forget about the rest! THE NEW YORK TIMES - Robert Mueller, You’re Starting to Scare Me2018-05-23

Find out who the real "animals" are: ISIKOFF & CORN - Russian Roulette2018-05-19

ROBERTO FRIGO - Understatement? Non in Italia e non su Facebook2018-05-14

FiveThirtyEight - President Trump’s Approval Rating Has Been Steady. Richard Nixon’s Once Was Too2018-05-11

JOHN HUSSMAN - Comfort is Not Your Friend2018-05-11

HONGSUP SHIN - Talent, luck and success: simulating meritocracy and inequality with stochasticity2018-05-08

THE NEW YORKER - Trump Removes Giuliani from Legal Team by Naming Him New White House Doctor2018-05-07

AAII - Momentum's Role as a Driver of Stock Prices2018-05-07

FASANARA CAPITAL - Measuring the Equity Bubble: an update of the ‘Peak PEG’ Ratio2018-05-04

PIETRO CALICETI - BitGlobal2018-04-29

JANET WALLACH - Desert Queen2018-04-25

MICHAEL SIMMONS - The Founders Of The World’s Five Largest Companies All Follow The 5-Hour Rule2018-04-25

SCOTT GALLOWAY - Happiness & the Gorilla2018-04-21

LUKE HARDING - Collusion2018-04-18


BEPPE SCIENZA - Promotori finanziari, caccia al cliente da spolpare2018-03-31

AAII - An Argument for Favoring the Loser Over the Winner Funds2018-03-30

LAVOCE.INFO - Contro il negazionismo economico2018-03-30

PLUCHINO, BIONDO, RAPISARDA - Talent vs Luck: the role of randomness in success and failure2018-03-29

PROPUBLICA - Warren Buffett Recommends Investing in Index Funds — But Many of His Employees Don’t Have That Option2018-03-28

THE NEW YORKER - Do You Take Sweatcoin?2018-03-27

ROBERT SKIDELSKY - John Maynard Keynes: 1883-1946: Economist, Philosopher, Statesman 2018-03-26

FIVETHIRTYEIGHT - Claiming Executive Privilege To Avoid Mueller Could Backfire For Trump2018-03-26