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A catastrophe in the making: THE NEW YORK TIMES - Michael Lewis Wonders Who’s Really Running the Government2018-10-10

Very disturbing: CHRISTOPHER R. BROWNING - The Suffocation of Democracy2018-10-05

No comment. BEPPE SCIENZA - Progetto Dedicato, la “premurosa” offerta ai clienti delle banche venete2018-10-05

We can agree or disagree, but what a beautiful way to argue: CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER - Things That Matter2018-09-06

A very good friend sent me this: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - What a Simple Psychological Test Reveals About Climate Change2018-08-17

Who would have guessed: the rating agencies are OK: - Evaluating the Role of Credit Ratings in the 2008 Crisis2018-08-01 - Off Your Mental Game? You Could Be Mildly Dehydrated2018-07-31

And then we wonder where Donald Trump came from: THE GUARDIAN - Is the Earth flat? Meet the people questioning science2018-07-30

PIERRE CAHUC, ANDRÉ ZYLBERBERG - Contro il negazionismo. Perché in economia serve più rigore scientifico2018-07-17

Not even risk-adjusted (after fees, of course): S&P DOW JONED INDICES - SPIVA Through a Risk-Adjusted Lens2018-07-10

CORY DOCTOROW - Zuck’s Empire of Oily Rags2018-07-09

Poveretto... Grazie ad una amica che mi ha passato questo gioiello: CORRIERE DELLA SERA - Il finto suicidio nel Po del bancario «Mentivo, ma per risarcire i clienti»2018-07-02

Why? Do you really need to ask? FIVETHIRTYEIGHT - Why The Republican Party Elects So Few Women2018-06-26

The travesty of 'leadership' and policy: THE WASHINGTON POST - Repugnant2018-06-21

QUARTZ - Sneezes2018-06-19

For all you lovers of cryptocurrencies: THE NEW YORK TIMES - Bitcoin’s Price Was Artificially Inflated, Fueling Skyrocketing Value, Researchers Say2018-06-19

FIVETHIRTYEIGHT.COM - The Russia Investigation Isn’t Less Popular — It’s Just More Polarizing2018-06-18

AXIOS on the Robot Revolution2018-06-03

Three easy pieces - on children, on recommendations, and on the destruction of a country (this is not easy).2018-06-03

This explains a lot: QUARTZ - What the 4% of Americans who believe in lizard people can teach us about conspiracy theories2018-05-25

Very true: we must not forget about the rest! THE NEW YORK TIMES - Robert Mueller, You’re Starting to Scare Me2018-05-23

Find out who the real "animals" are: ISIKOFF & CORN - Russian Roulette2018-05-19

ROBERTO FRIGO - Understatement? Non in Italia e non su Facebook2018-05-14

FiveThirtyEight - President Trump’s Approval Rating Has Been Steady. Richard Nixon’s Once Was Too2018-05-11

JOHN HUSSMAN - Comfort is Not Your Friend2018-05-11

HONGSUP SHIN - Talent, luck and success: simulating meritocracy and inequality with stochasticity2018-05-08

THE NEW YORKER - Trump Removes Giuliani from Legal Team by Naming Him New White House Doctor2018-05-07

AAII - Momentum's Role as a Driver of Stock Prices2018-05-07

FASANARA CAPITAL - Measuring the Equity Bubble: an update of the ‘Peak PEG’ Ratio2018-05-04

PIETRO CALICETI - BitGlobal2018-04-29